KreaKids was created to provide a label for our fun and educational apps for kids and teens.

We create apps that are fun and entertaining or educational - and fun nonetheless. The team at KreaKids brings together Project Managers, UX Designer and marketers well experienced to create great digital products and playful enough to understand what kids want in a digital product. Theteam also benefits from the great backlog of experience Egmont Publishing traditionally has with kids products in magazines, books, games and more.

Our ambition and our products

At KreaKids we aim to be the No.1 brand of choice for kids and parents across all screens in fun and education – or Playing and Learning as we like to call it. You can find our products available for smartphone, tablet, web and even in magazines.


The values that we have built into our products:

Learn as you play - We believe that kids like to learn if it is fun. Games are fun, but done in the right way they can also convey knowledge in a fun way.

Safe and secure – We built our apps according to the latest standards. The content has been reviewed thoroughly and we have tested an app multiple times before launching it. Some of our apps include in app purchases as this is the preferred way by many of our customers, these include additional barriers so there cannot be any accidental purchases.

Durable products – Our products are story line based and offer many hours each of entertainment value. We update our apps regularly so that they keep up with the latest technical standards and you can keep on using them for a very long time.

Value for money – Our products include high quality content and illustrations with a great level of detail. The content and gameplay included offers a wide variety of activity and allows to use the apps many times.

You can contact us through our contact form, which can be found here.